Kruger National Park Safaris

Kruger National Park Safaris

The Kruger National Park is all about the EXPERIENCE and that is what makes it one of Africa’s finest tourist destinations. No matter what type of Kruger Park safari you choose, they are all centered around game viewing, whether you are up before sunrise or tracking nocturnal animals with searchlights, game drives in the African bush are an exhilarating experience. There is always an air of anticipation as you head out into the wild in a 4×4 safari vehicle, no fences or man-made structures, the bush is wild and breathtakingly beautiful, there are wide open plains with zebra, wildebeest and impala, water holes teeming with birdlife, herds of buffalo and elephants.

You might get close to a nervous giraffe getting down to drink water or see a rhino chase a lion, or young hyena cubs emerge from their den, you never quite know what you are about to discover, and no two days are ever the same.

Kruger National Park Safaris

The major difference between the private reserves and the Kruger National Park is that off-road driving is forbidden in the Kruger Park, but there are 2302 km of tarred and gravel roads available for game driving, the other rule pertaining to game viewing vehicles is that only closed vehicles are permitted in the Kruger Park but many tour companies have custom built game viewers with a canvas roof and open sides, which are great for photography. The private reserves offer open vehicle game viewers and there is usually a tracker that sits on the front left side of the Land Rover to read spoor, these vehicles are also in radio contact with each other which greatly increases your chances of finding the animals that you most want to see and the vehicles may leave the roads to follow animals into the bush which provide wonderful close up sightings.

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Never leave Africa again without visiting the Kruger National Park…

Tented Safari Camps In Africa

The choice of tented safari camps in Africa can be completely overwhelming which is where we come in, helping our clients from all over the world pick out luxury safari camps which will suit them. We only sell properties we have been to and handpick the best-tented safari camps in each area to make sure you have nothing but the best. Although some don’t see the benefit of luxury camps we do, most of these are in a remote unique location with the best guides and the best food, this is something you don’t get at the more economical camps. Having said that we make it our business to know where the best value for money is.

In Kenya, we have many favorite tented safari camps but we do love Salas Camp on the banks on the Sand River in the Masai Mara. The camp is elegant and in the style of the original mobile camps, whilst still being exceptionally luxurious and comfortable, and of course with access to the abundant game which makes the Masai Mara such a popular safari destination. Salas Camp currently have a plethora of special offers available which are worth taking advantage of.

If you combine Salas with any of its sister properties you will receive free flights in between – for instance combine the luxurious Sasaab with Salas and receive free flights for your entire safari, what an absolute bargain. Salas Camp is always one of the first to see the herds of the Wildebeest migration arrive and this is so exciting to be on the frontline as they cross into Kenya, usually sometime in July (although they are a little unpredictable).

Salas is also incredibly child-friendly and families love staying there – the guides take the children out and teach them how to spot not only the Big Five but also the Small Five and the Ugly Five, a clear way to keep the family entertained – some adults who won’t be mentioned also really enjoy this! They have one suite, which can be used for families, but is also a wonderfully opulent honeymoon tent, so there really is something for everyone.

How To Plan A Safari In Africa

Finding it difficult in planning your safari in Africa?

With the help of Q2 Travel, we thought we’d share some notes on how to plan a safari in Africa.

safari in africa

Although we’ll do this for you there are some key factors, which help when you begin to plan a safari. Through our first-hand knowledge of all of our destinations, you can rest assured that we will go to the ends of the earth to create the perfect itinerary for you and our efficient and lightning quick service means that when you begin to plan a safari with us we keep the smile on your face as the excitement builds. We take our commission from the lodges and camps, not from you – so while the process will be fun it will also be more economical.

The first issue when you plan your safari is the time of year, this often dictates where you will travel to as no one wants to go on holiday to get wet. Having said that there are some fantastic ‘green season’ safari rates – in some areas of Africa, the ‘green season’ is mostly hot and sunny apart from some storms in the afternoon. These are usually great times to take a safari as there will be very few other tourists around, the camps are much better valued, and when there is lots of water around much of the wildlife gives birth, so there are babies everywhere which are an absolute delight. This is also usually when the birdlife is in full plumage, which can be magical to see. Of course in certain parts of Africa as mentioned in this Forbes article, the rainy season is a complete no go as roads become impassable. Of course, we’ll give you detailed information on exactly which areas are fine at certain times of the year. Generally speaking, there is a part of Africa somewhere offering good safaris all year.

The next issue when thinking of how to plan a safari is who you are. Now we’re not asking you to soul search but it is very helpful if you consider seriously holidays that you have enjoyed in the past. Have they been very active? Do you love to lie by the pool for a few hours a day? Is the social element important to you, would you like to meet people or not see another soul? All of these factors will help us match you to the perfect safari property. Each safari property is different with regards to activities and atmosphere and having spoken to you we will use our first-hand knowledge to suggest the best options for you.

The last issue is of course budget – an inescapable irritation when planning a safari. We pride ourselves on knowing the best value luxury properties around and through constant trips across Africa we keep up to date on the best experiences. Paying the most doesn’t always mean getting the best and we know the properties, which offer clients more for their money. Have a look at Q2 Travel for more information on our thoughts on the costs of a safari.